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Company Services

Appraisals, Valuation and Cost Segregation Services

Our professionals provide valuations for tax, financial reporting, and corporate planning to clients operating in a wide variety of industries both domestically and internationally.  We also provide appraisals to lenders, accounting firms, attorneys and their clients for inventory, M&E and IP opportunities. Our clients range in size from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

In addition, we provide our clients with the ability to improve profitability by maximizing tax benefits on real estate and leasehold interests through cost segregation studies. Our cost segregation studies have resulted in an estimated net present value benefit of hundreds of millions of dollars to our clients.

Porto Leone Consulting provides the following services:

  • Business Valuations
    • Enterprise
    • Stock
  • Tangible Asset Appraisals & Valuations
    • Machinery and Equipment
    • Inventory
    • Medical records
  • Intangible Assets Valuations
    • Marketing-based (Trademarks, brands, non-competition agreements)
    • Customer-based (Customer lists and relationships, order backlog, contracts)
    • Technology-based (Patents, know-how, software, engineering drawings, in-process R&D)
    • Contract-based (Royalty agreements, supply agreements, lease agreements, franchise agreements, employment contracts)
  • Cost Segregation Studies
    • New building construction
    • Real property acquisitions
    • Leasehold improvements
    • Catch-up depreciation analysis

Through our affiliation with MSC, our management team is comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise.  Many of our professionals originated from Big 4 Accounting Firms with a common goal to provide hands-on high quality, timely and cost effective valuation and cost segregation services to our clients.

For more information contact :
Bob Moss Director of Business Development, Email:, Tel # : 212-997-6844.

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