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Company Services

Litigation Consulting and Forensic Accounting Services

Litigation & Forensic Consulting
Through an affiliation, we now provide a broad spectrum of litigation consulting and forensic accounting services to attorneys, lenders, business clients and others, either as consultants or as expert witnesses. The affiliated company president is a certified public accountant and certified fraud examiner with over 35 years of experience in accounting, auditing, SEC, tax and business consulting matters having served a wide variety of clients in distribution, importing, manufacturing, publishing, real estate, construction, software and services. His experience includes performing fraud examinations, special investigations, analyzing damage claims on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants and other financial aspects of contractual disputes, business valuations, matters of financial reporting and accountant’s malpractice.

Our affiliate’s president has years of experience in testifying at deposition, arbitration and before state and federal court. He uses proven techniques that strengthen a client’s case in providing the following services:

Dispute Consulting

  • Early case assessment - Determine facts and timing of events.
  • Discovery assistance - Gather pertinent information by drafting document requests and drawing upon the expertise of forensic technology professionals, to provide assistance during interrogatories and depositions.
  • Case strategy evaluation - Analyze financial records and business conduct to help counsel determine possible causes of action and quantify potential recoveries.
  • Damage analysis - Provide damage quantification for cases involving lost profits, breach of contract, purchase price disputes, business interruption and fraud.
  • Settlement services - Lend capability and experience by helping companies evaluate claims and risks, developing cost effective settlement strategies and implementing successful business resolutions.

Financial Investigations

  • Analysis of complicated transactions
  • Reconstruct events from incomplete or compromised data
  • Discover key evidence
  • Tracing funds and assets
  • Investigation of financial statement misrepresentations and fraud
  • Bankruptcy investigations of preferential payments, fraudulent conveyances and viability of reorganization plans
  • Investigation of corporate governance issues
  • Identify potential claims
  • Gather information and prepare findings

Expert Testimony

  • Present complex concepts in a clear and simplified manner to judge and jury
  • Critique of opposing expert analysis
  • Preparation of affidavits and expert opinions in comprehensive reports
  • Provide input on deposition preparation
  • Produce quantitative analysis to support settlement negotiations
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