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Mergers & Aquisitions/Alternative Financing

During the life cycle of a company, the owners may decide to either grow through strategic mergers and acquisitions or to call it a day by selling the business. During difficult economic times, a company may need financing to fund its continuing operations that are not readily available. MSC has assisted a number of companies to find alternative financing and helped ensure a “win/win” scenario for all parties.
Mergers & Aquisitions
MSC’s team of specialists can assist the client with the following:
  • Assess what are the needs of the company and what are the benefits of the potential acquisition or merger
  • Perform the necessary due diligence on the company in question
  • Create a projection based on the completed transaction
  • Assist in the negotiations
  • Work closely with both companies during the transition period

MSC will work as a facilitator to advise our clients as to the
true value of the business and to negotiate the transaction

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