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Not For Profit  Division

Management Services Consultants LLC (“MSC”) proudly announces our new Not For Profit division.

Not For Profit (“NFP”) organizations and foundations are uniquely different from commercial businesses resulting in constant changing requirements in bookkeeping, accounting and reporting requirements.  These constant changing requirements have forced NFP companies to work with shrinking budgets and reduced endowments from funding organizations.
MSC recognizes the financial squeezes put on smaller organizations and has a full, hands-on staff available to help those companies, as well as getting involved with regulatory and board vs. management interaction.
As part of our service, we offer all levels of staffing, ranging from various hands-on bookkeeping services up to senior level consultants (some with partnership experience in a CPA firm) with extensive Not For Profit experience.

I) Bookkeeping & Accounting Services:

a. Our bookkeeping staff, headed by an accountant and former CFO is available to enter, reconcile and close the books and records on a monthly basis.

b. Our experienced staff has a proven track record in preparing clear and auditable work papers and internal financial statements allowing your outside audit firm to be able to focus on preparing the reviewed or audited financials.      

II) Advisory & Senior Management Services:

  1. Accounting and reporting system design
  2. Operational reviews
  3. Assist in obtaining bank financing & other credit facilities
  4. Board governance
  5. Board vs. management discussions
  6. Preparation of annual budget
  7. Forensic consulting   

 For more information call Bob Moss at 212-997-6844   

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