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The Turnaround management

Turnaround Mangement

MSC's team of work-out specialists, consisting of former CFO's, CEO's, financial accounting and managerial personnel, all with operational expertise, is highly successful in turn-arounds and work-outs of troubled companies.

  • Our corporate philosophy is to be very “hands-on” and committed to "winning" our engagements
  • Re-engineer a stronger and a more stable company that is a manageable risk for the lender and provides healthy returns for the owners
  • Provide recommendations to improve the company's production, cash flow and overall efficiency
  • Implement quick, tough decisions regarding the company’s personnel and key vendors
  • Work closely with both management and lender in addressing and resolving existing issues resulting in a more stable and profitable company
  • MSC, when necessary, can assist and provide resources for alternative financing, participation, equity investments or buyers for businesses in various industries

Success Stories (learn more...)

MSC will act as management to make and implement all the quick tough decisions required to engineer a successful turn-around.

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